Student planner – case study


A secondary school contacted us one spring term to help produce a student planner for the following academic year. The previous year, they had ordered online for the first time, with a view to saving time and money but the process proved very stressful and time consuming. In fact, the bursar had spent nearly ten hours uploading the content and artwork to the supplier’s website. As the majority of online providers treat uploaded files as the final artwork and place the onus entirely on the client to ensure this is correct and in a suitable format, there was a substantial risk of files being misread, corrupted or lost in the process. In addition, the school did not have the chance to check and sign off a pre-production proof so that they felt they were working in the dark and paying for a product with no control over its quality.

At Alert Marketing, we were able to offer them a completely different experience. We accepted the wording and artwork in the easiest and most time-efficient format for the school and worked with our designer and printer to offer pre-production proofs for the school to check, edit and amend as needed.


Given that we were working with a trusted printer and designer, we were able to accept changes right up until early July, several weeks after the deadline imposed by most online suppliers. The school were delighted to see the high quality of the end product, produced within timescales and at a cost comparable to the online supplier.