School branding and uniform – case study


A new secondary school was being built in the South East of England, to meet the demands of a growing population in a small town. The newly appointed Head Teacher had the daunting task of creating an identity and branding from scratch that would reflect the ethos and vision of the school. This encompassed everything from the school colours, uniform and badge as well as banners to boost awareness of the new school in the local community.

Having worked in the schools sector for many years, we were able to work in partnership with the Head Teacher to identify a distinctive colour palette that would help the new uniform stand out and differentiate it from other local schools.


We approached a trusted supplier to create a bespoke yarn for the school jumper in the distinctive green chosen, which involved a special process of dying the fibre to the exact shade required. Working with the Head Teacher and established suppliers, we also created the new tie, jumper and PE uniform.


Conscious of the budget set for the full uniform, we sourced a skirt and trousers as off-the-shelf stock items knowing that the quality of the fabric and cut would work perfectly with the new blazer and tie. Banners, photography, school prospectus and school diary followed, all of which worked together to create a strong identity for the new school.