Corporate case study – leather goods


A prestigious golf club in Surrey was opening a gift shop in its grounds and wanted to create a range of high-quality items that reflected the exclusive nature of the club. The Marketing Manager met with us to share her thoughts and we took time to assess the commercial viability of the ideas that emerged from our brainstorming sessions.

After further consultation, and weighing up several options, the client entrusted us with a niche project – to produce a bespoke backgammon set and games compendium, bridge set and a range of smaller gift items, all to be bound in fine leather.


We came away with the client’s vision in mind and sourced the finest of leathers from a UK tannery where the soft leather could be specially tanned and dyed to the corporate colours. In addition, we arranged for the corporate logo to be woven into the fabric of the linings.


Our knowledge, experience and dedication to realising the client’s vision resulted in exquisitely produced items that not only reflected the club’s prestigious branding but were a significant commercial success.