Book bag, key stage 1 – case study


The story behind our range of book bags began back in 1995 when my eldest daughter was in her first year at primary school. The standard bag issued by the school could barely hold her reading book and the usual items travelling back and forth between home and school. By the end of the first term the bag was already splitting at the seams and needed replacing. Other parents expressed the same concerns and the Head Teacher endorsed my decision to source a new book bag that would meet the needs of children, parents and teachers.

I approached a trusted supplier with some design ideas and the result of our discussions was a unique book bag with a transparent cover that enabled parents to see instantly what was inside, including important letters and notes from teachers. This proved an instant hit with parents and teachers, keen not to miss vital communications travelling between home and school.


When it became clear in the warm weather that leaking water bottles being crammed into the new bags were risking damaging books and paperwork, I created an updated version with a net pocket stitched securely on the back of the bag to hold a water bottle and keep the contents inside separate and dry.


Over the years, the book bag has been picked up by other schools and we now supply an extended range in different designs that can include additional compartments and deeper gussets, often tailored to meet the needs of individual schools.


A design born of being a parent, plus a little creative thinking, has made one aspect of the school day that little bit easier!